John Moltz

  1. -You may know John Moltz as a person on the Internet. Many people do! However, he also appears in other guises, sometimes as a large, golden bull and others as a phalanx of beautiful swans! Usually, however, he appears as a guy working at a desk.

  2. -John Moltz is the sometime Editor-In-Chief of Crazy Apple Rumors Site.

  3. -John Moltz has appeared on Your Mac Life, the Macworld magazine podcast, the MacJury podcast, TWiT Live, NPR’s Day to Day and in the documentary Welcome to Macintosh, all because he’s a gigantic Apple nerd.

  4. -John Moltz’s writing has been published in Macworld magazine and TidBITS. He’s still not exactly sure how or why. Possibly through a clerical error.

  5. -John Moltz is fluent in English and conversational in two other languages.

  6. -John Moltz is the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. He’s fast enough for you, old man.

  7. -John Moltz is actually made up of thousands of smaller John Moltzes, all furiously working tiny little gears to keep the larger construct you know as “John Moltz” functioning.

  8. -John Moltz is a little too comfortable talking about himself in the third person.

Who or what is John Moltz?

Photo credit: Albert McMurry

Some places you can find John’s work

John Moltz’s Very Nice Web Site - a collection of writings on Apple, technology and other subjects

Crazy Apple Rumors Site - his semi-erstwhile Apple rumors parody site

Giant Squid Productions - wait, why do you need a company to do this?

American Drink - a group blog about drinking where he’s a contributor.

In The Line of Duty - letters home to the relatives of those who died in the name of advancing the plot.

10 reasons I know the Apollo 11 moon landing was faked - a thing he wrote that Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomer found funny.

TED tweets - John’s You Look Nice Today Carnation Award-winning series of tweets where he detailed his actual attendance* at the 2008 TED conference.

* Did not actually attend TED.